Do you have an injury that’s stopping you from training or racing? Are you down in the dumps because of it?

Well, keep your head up! Sometimes an injury can set you up for a strong comeback. I know it’s hard to see everyone else race while your sidelined with an injury, especially if your training was going well. But sometimes your body just needs a break to revitalize. And sometimes it forces you to take that break.

So take this new-found extra time to catch up on some fun stuff you’ve wanted to do. And heed these words of wisdom from 2017 NYC Marathon Winner, Shalane Flanagan: Patience. Persistence. Vision. That’s what Shalane attributes her amazing and historic win to.

So if you’re nursing an injury right now, I want you to focus on those three words as the basis for your awesome comeback story. Now tell us what your comeback story is going to be in the comments below.

Healing wishes,
Martise : )

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