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I was searching for a running coach and came across Martise Moore. I wanted to increase my speed and running proficiency. At our first meeting, she had me run a few times to watch my running form. She instantly corrected my form. I have to say, I ran like a robot and my upper body was stiff. I needed a running coach to help me train for the police academy. I worked with Martise for almost 9 months. She is very professional, compassionate and knowledgeable of her craft. She taught me the importance of mid–foot strikes, running with relaxed shoulders, also the importance of running with a strong core. I entered the police academy this month. I have to say, working with Martise has improved my running confidence greatly. One of the events in the police academy is the 300 meter sprint. I’m 37 years old and the average age of my class is under 24. On race day, I was the second person to cross the finish line. I gained the respect of the class and my Drill Instructors. One of the recruits said, “That old man is fast.” I could not have done it without the help of GreenRunner. If anyone is looking for a running coach, I highly recommend Martise. GreenRunner transformed me into a runner. Before I came to Martise, I hated running with a passion. Now I have to say that running is a passion of mine, thanks to the professionals at GreenRunner. Thanks Martise for your help!

Tarik P.

Army Sgt. & LAPD Officer

My 1.5 mile time is at 12 minutes, so I’m getting excellence on my PT test.  Thanks to you!

Nicole H.

Naval Officer

One of my biggest early challenges was just how bad I was when I first started. It was embarrassing and demoralizing. It seemed like I was done before I got started. You just have to remember that everyone has to start at their own beginning. And enlisting the help of professionals is a great idea. Working with Martise made a huge difference. Running, unlike the other portions of PFTs, is very hard to assess on your own. Her insight and expertise were invaluable. She was able to immediately increase my running speed after our first session. Also, her mental cues made all the difference. She is encouraging and realistic when helping you set benchmarks and goals. I would not have been successful on my PFT without her expertise, guidance, and support.

Patrick M.

FBI Candidate

I met Martise to help me improve my running for my next PT test. OMG, she was great. When I met her I could hardly run 2 miles. She gave me tips on what to do and with lots of practice, Martise took me from a 26 minute 2 mile to 18:54. Wow, there was a big difference. Yes she made me do it. I did it. I’m glad that I passed my PT test. I’m glad that I meet her. I told her when I write my bio, her name would always be there. She is such an awesome person. I will highly recommend her a million times.
Thanks Martise.
Go GreenRunners go.

Ifeoma U.

Army Personnel & Officer Candidate

Pass Your PFT

Whether you’re shooting for a promotion or starting a new career, your PFT test is the key that opens the door.

Get a Pass Your PFT training plan that will give you focus and takeaway the guesswork of reaching your goals.


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Training Plans & Pricing


Basic 3-Month Running Training Plan

  • Basic 3-Month PFT Running Training Plan
  • Basic Push-Up & Sit-Up Training Included
  • Basic Online/App Access & Improvement Tracking

3-Month Custom Training Plan

  • 3-Month Custom PFT Running, Push-Ups & Sit-Ups Training Plan
  • Specific Goal-Based Distances & Times
  • Basic Online/App Access & Improvement Tracking

Custom Training Plan & Virtual 1-on-1 Coaching

  • Initial Consultation & Assessment
  • Specific PFT-Event-Ready Planning
  • Monthly, Customized PFT Running, Push-Ups & Sit-Ups Training Plan
  • Weekly, No-Judgment Results Reviews
  • Basic Online/App Access & Improvement Tracking
  • Mental Toughness Boost

Live 1-on-1 Training

(Culver City or Redondo Beach)

30-Minute Training

$45/30 Minutes
Get 1-on-1 Pass Your PFT Coaching

1-Hour Training

$65-85/1 Hour
Get 1-on-1 Pass Your PFT Coaching

Pass Your PFT


Questions Running Through Your Mind

Do you guarantee that I will pass my PFT?

We guarantee that if you follow your customized plan, you will be prepared to perform strong at your PFT.  We do not guarantee specific PFT performances.

What is your refund policy?

We guarantee PFT preparedness (not specific performances).  You guarantee commitment.  Your Accountability Agreement entitles you to apply for a refund within 30 days of the original plan completion date.

What are the No-Judgment Results Reviews?

We will review your progress, weekly, via a scheduled 15-minute phone or video chat.  These reviews are a critical part of the customization and preparedness process.

Will my monthly payments be automatic?

Yes, you are free to choose your start date and how many months you want to train in advance.  Your credit card will be charged automatically on a monthly basis until your end date.