Questions Running Through Your Mind

Do you guarantee that I will pass?

We do not guarantee that your will pass your PFT or any other specific results.

Will you automatically bill me every month?

Yes, you will be billed automatically on a monthly basis until you cancel your membership subscription.

What's the difference between a basic training plan and a custom training plan?

A basic training plan gives you the workouts you need for running events, push-ups and sit-ups; but it does not provide you with the specific training times and reps for your particular goals and situation.  The custom training plan includes specific training distances, times and reps for your specific situation.

Will I still have access to the Pass Your PFT Boot Camp membership area or my training plan after I cancel my subscription?

No, you will lose access to the membership area and your basic training plan after you cancel your subscription.  If you purchased a custom training plan, you will still have access to it (unless you requested a refund).

I have a PT test every six months. Can I cancel my subscription after I take my PT test and then renew it several months later for the next one?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time.  You are also welcome to resubscribe (if you’ve never requested a refund) at a later date to prepare for your next PFT.