Pacer Request

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Questions Running Through Your Mind

How Far In Advance Do I Need To Make My Request?

We are better able to fulfill requests made at least 48 hours in advance.  A $20 rush fee will be added to requests made inside 24 hours from your start time.

How Much Will My Pacer Cost?

After we confirm a pacer match for you, you will be charged for the expected duration of your run.

To save you time and money, we also offer packages for pacing runs.  Please find the prepaid rates below:

Hourly Running Rates

-$55 for 1-2 running hours

-$50 for 3-7 running hours

-$45 for 8+ running hours

30-Minute Running Rates

-$35 for 1-2 half hours

-$30 for 3+ half hours

When Will I Receive Confirmation About My Pacer?

You will be notified at least 24 hours before your start time whether or not a pacer is available for your requested run.

What Will The Running Route Be?

You choose the route you want to take or ask the pacer to plan it.  Let us know in advance if you prefer road/sidewalk, trails, hills etc.

Where Will My Pacer Meet Up With Me?

For your safety and the pacer’s safety, the pacer will meet you at a public, outdoor location of your choosing.  Every pacer has cleared a criminal background check.