When you’re a kid, getting dirty is fun; and it’s still fun when you’re an adult (when you’re not wearing your best gear, of course).

I highly recommend mud runs*.  They are a challenge like no other, but the emphasis is on fun.  Every mud run is different.  The distances can vary between 5k and 10k and there are no limits on the obstacles.

My first mud run was the Eco Mud Run in Pasadena.  It was a 4-mile course around the Rose Bowl with 24 obstacles.  At this mud run, we were encouraged to wear costumes.  My friends and I were a four-woman team, or more specifically, a school of sharks.  We wore these sweet shark masks, which seemed like a good idea before the race, but later proved to induce suffocation. (Don’t Judge Us:  Yes, we are all college educated.  No, I am the only one who went to USC.)  Which lead’s me to my first mud run tip….

Tip #1:  Do not wear masks that cover your nose or mouth when you are running, climbing or wading through mud.

Our masks were a hit!  People loved them and called us “Jaws.”  It was all good for about the first 400 meters.  Then, it was not so cool.  I couldn’t breathe in that thing and it was hotter than…well, you know.  Which brings me to my next two tips….

Tip #2:  Sometimes looking cool is really not that cool.

Tip #3:  If there is more than one start time, choose the earliest one.  Do not fall for the “Sleep in a Bit” option like we did.

By the end of mile 1, our team had split into pairs.  I was in the pair bringing up the rear.  At every mile, there were water stations.  I’d drink one cup and dump another one on my head.  The sun was so hot, that I’d be completely dry by the time I got to the next one.

By the time I crossed the finish line, it felt like a thousand degrees and I had gained about ten pounds of mud since the beginning of the race.  Which leads me to my final mud run tips….

Tip #4:  Duct tape your shoes to your feet or you may lose them in the mud.

Tip #5:  Bring a change of clothes and a plastic bag for the muddy clothes/shoes you may never wear again.

Despite the heat and my slow time, I had a great experience, because…mud runs are awesome : )

Share your fun mud run adventures in the comments section below.

*Always consult with your physician before starting a new or more strenuous exercise routine.