If you’re running slow or just not feeling fast enough, get a Run Faster Coach.

Here’s why:

Part of Your Personal Growth

Running is a great way to achieve personal growth. It’s the simplest life-challenge that gives you the most amazing results, physically, mentally, and legacy. A Run Faster Coach wants to be your personal growth partner, as your growth is their growth too.

Customized Training

No one else can run in your shoes. A Run Faster Coach can customize a growth-driven training program for you based on your individual abilities and goals.

Trained Eyes

When you run, the world sees you, but you don’t see yourself. In your lifetime, thousands have probably seen you run, and several of them have probably made comments about the way you run. But how many of those people have actually helped you improve?

The quickest way to self-improvement is through trained eyes and video. A Run Faster Coach can give you immediate, skill-and-see-based feedback that will boost your growth as a runner.

Experienced Legs

A Run Faster Coach has run and raced for all the reasons you have, including: fun, camaraderie, personal growth, support for a cause and peer pressure. They know first-hand the challenges you face and how to run through them; they also know the rewards you stand to gain and how to run to them.

Mental Training

Running is as much mental as it is physical. In order to push your body beyond its limits, you need mental buy-in. A Run Faster Coach will help you play-to-win the mental games.

Race Strategist

Following a training plan/strategy for a race is cool and all; but the logistical preparation is the other side of the equation. In the days leading up to the race, you may feel overwhelmed by all the “non-running” details to consider—which is a distraction you don’t need. A Run Faster Coach will help you construct a race-day game plan, including what to pack, what to eat and when to turn on your jets.

Motivational & Resourceful

A Run Faster Coach offers and/or recommends convenient products and services that will keep you motivated, prepared and in growth mode.

Fun & Energetic

Let’s be honest…you’re not always a ray of sunshine before a run. A Run Faster Coach can turn your frown upside down, even when you’re not feelin’ it : )

Coincidently, these are all the qualities of a GreenRunner coach—just sayin’ : )

If these qualities vibe with you, run with us in Los Angeles or online.

Tell me your thoughts on how a Run Faster Coach can help you in the comment section below.

*Always consult with your physician before starting a new or more strenuous exercise routine.