3-Month Pass Your PFT Coaching Program Terms & Conditions


I, (the “Client”), through the purchase of coaching sessions, have agreed to voluntary participation in The GreenRunner Coaching Program (the “Program”) which is conducted by Martise Moore/GreenRunner (the “Coach”). I hereby stipulate and agree that I am physically and mentally sound and over the age of 18 years old.

In consideration of the mutual promises exchanged herein, the Client and Coach agree as follows:

1. The Coach will assist the Client in staying motivated and in action towards his/her running goals, during a 3-month, weekly series of 15-minute coaching calls/emalis.

2. The Client and Coach have agreed that the Coach will conduct weekly coaching calls/emails throughout the month. Each session will begin at a mutually convenient, agreed-upon time and shall be subject to the Terms of Participation attached.

3. The sum of these coaching sessions is $540. The Client will pay the Coach, 3 monthly payments of $180, until the sum is paid. The Client acknowledges and agrees that no credit or refund of this sum or any portion thereof shall be due for sessions cancelled by the Client.

4. The Client and Coach may agree to conduct additional sessions at mutually convenient times to be billed to the Client at the Coach’s then current service rates. In such an event, the provisions of this Agreement, including the Terms of Participation attached, shall be deemed to apply.

5. The Coach guarantees satisfaction. The Client guarantees commitment. The Client agrees to honor the terms of the 90-Day Accountability Program which entitles the Client to apply for a refund within 30 days of the Program completion date.

6. The Client has read and understands the Terms of Participation provided with the Agreement.

7. The Client acknowledges and agrees that the Coach has the right to terminate this Agreement at any time and for any reason, with no obligation due to the Client beyond a refund of payments made for any unused sessions.


Please carefully read the following terms and conditions relating to your participation in The GreenRunner Coaching Program (The “Program”) which is conducted by Martise Moore/GreenRunner (the “Coach”). By purchasing your coaching sessions in the Program, you (the “Client”) signify your acceptance of and obligation to these terms and conditions. If you have objections to the following, you should not participate in the Program.

Liability Waiver
The Coach does not give legal, medical, or financial advice and under no circumstances will be held liable for a Client’s legal results, health results and/or financial loss resulting from participation in the Program. The Client accepts all legal, health and financial risk that may result from participating in the Program and hereby releases the Coach, their officers, employees, interns, contractors, sponsors and representatives from any and all liability.

90-Day Accountability Program
Once a Client joins the Program, the Coach makes arrangements and investments to ensure the Client receives the best support and results during their participation in the Program. Due to this, the Coach only accepts Clients who are 100% committed to being ready for their running event and are willing to execute on the ideas and strategies taught during the Program. By joining the Program, the Client promises to honor the terms of the 90-Day Accountability Program which requires a commitment from the Client to do the necessary workouts and complete the assignments needed to achieve desired results. The Coach provides all necessary support and guidance and the Client holds themselves accountable for their success with the Program. If a Client is not committed to fully participating in the Program, the Coach asks that the Client refrain from signing up.

Refund Policy and Satisfaction Guarantee
The Coach guarantees readiness (not specific running times). Within 30 days after the Program completion date, the Client reserves the right to apply for a refund if they feel they are not satisfied with their results from the Program. The refund application process requires the Client to submit completed workout and assignments released during the Program as proof that they have honored their commitment to execute on the ideas and strategies taught by the Coach but are still not satisfied with the results. After the Client submits the refund application, it will be reviewed by a member of the GreenRunner team and a 100% refund will be issued if the application is approved.

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