If you want 2016 to be your EPIC year, live an active-achievement lifestyle. Active Achievement is about setting and achieving specific sports or fitness growth goals that supercharge your performance in every area of your life.

Running is one of the simplest and best ways to practice an active-achievement lifestyle. For example, you can register today for a 2016 marathon (This is just an example; it could be any race, sport or fitness goal). After you sign up for the race, choose your growth goal. If you’ve never run a marathon before, your initial goal could be to finish the race strong. But as you train, you’ll want to choose a specific time goal. If you’ve run a marathon before, your goal could be to get a PR.


The person you need to be in order to achieve these SPECIFIC, GROWTH GOALS is immediately different than the person you were before you signed up for the race. After you commit to your new goal, you are a lot more motivated. And just like that, you are mentally transformed. Your new growth mindset will spark new actions and habits that will serve you in achieving your new goal and other areas of your life. The physical and mental challenges you’ll endure, as you train, will draw you towards other active-achievement people. And suddenly–the impossible will become possible.


Click this link for more information on how to practice an active-achievement lifestyle through running.

Cheers to your EPIC New Year,

Martise : )

Your Run Faster Coach