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I met Martise to help me improve my running for my next PT test.  OMG, she was great. When I met her I hardly could run 2 miles. She gave my tips on what to do and with lots of practice, Martise took me from a 26 minute 2-mile to 18:54. Wow there was a big difference.  Yes she made do it. I did it. I’m glad that I passed my PT test. I’m glad that I met her. I told her when I write my bio, her name would always be there. She is such a awesome person. I will highly recommend her a million times. Thanks Martise.

Ifeoma U.

Military Personnel

I have been working with Martise for over 4 months now, and I have nothing but amazing things to say about her and her training methods. She is very professional, takes pride in teaching, and has an immense knowledge of the body and fitness.

She helped me work to make my running form more efficient and she constantly pushes me to work harder in a way that is inspiring. I am pretty stubborn, but she is still able to push me without making me want to quit. Her personality is easy going, funny and caring. I like that she meets with you in places that are outside of the gym, as we consistently change up where we meet, which keeps things interesting. She is always on time and has never canceled on me. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a running coach.

Lark K.

1st Time Marathon Runner

Martise at GreenRunner really is as good as it gets!  I originally emailed her with a big challenge.  My son is in 8th grade and plays baseball.  Since 1st grade, he has always felt he was really slow….and it showed.  I knew he would not be able to compete on the HighSchool level unless he got faster.  I basically asked her if she could give my child confidence.  I was asking her to teach him to believe in himself….AND make him faster.  WOW!  I saw massive changes just in one session.  She was able to fix his running form so that his body worked with him instead of against him.  Two months later, my slow kid has enough confidence to lay down a bunt and make it to 1st base.  Power power power.  She has worked with him as a sprinter and building his stamina.  When the team runs laps, he is NO LONGER THE LAST ONE BACK!!  She is a gifted trainer and an amazing human being.  We feel so lucky to have found her and to now have her as a positive role model in our son’s life.

Julie J.

Baseball Parent

Thank you for having cheered me up!
I ran 1:39:03, which was more than 4 minutes faster than last one. I’m ready for upcoming NYC City Marathon!

Ryota K.

Half Marathon & Marathon Runner (31-Minute PR in the 2014 NYC Marathon)

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