Run Faster

Run Faster

MMoore RunRun PRs

PRs (Personal Records) make everything awesome.

PR training makes your PRs happen–FAST.  Train with championship PR coaches who specialize in speed, endurance, hurdles and runner intelligence.

PR coaching quickly boosts your running skills with immediate feedback on your fundamental mechanics and training techniques.  Every workout includes mental and physical techniques that evoke your best performances, including: efficient running form, speed drills, intelligent running and strategic practice routines.

All runners and wanna-be runners benefit from PR coaching.  Trainings take place in the Los Angeles area.

Fast Guarantee

You will feel faster after your first training, or we will refund your moola.  WE ARE THAT AWESOME AND SO ARE YOU : )

Say “Yes” to Your Awesomeness

Run with us today.  Rates start at $25.